Ages 14+

Stereo Headphones


Tune in to technology — with a pair of stereo headphones you engineer yourself! Build the headband, rig up the speaker drivers, and experiment with stereo sound. Explore how speakers and other electroacoustic transducers turn electricity into sound, then learn about the history that made modern headsets possible.

Why it’s awesome

  1. Engineering in stereo

    Wire up headphones that play music in surround sound.

  2. Science of sound

    Explore the science behind turning electricity into sound.

  3. Bring history to life

    Discover the engineering, design, and history of headphones.

What’s included?

  • 2 speaker drivers

  • 2 audio jacks

  • audio cable

  • 2 metal headbands

  • 2 ear pads

  • 2 speaker housings

  • fabric sleeve

  • wood set (12 pcs)

  • 2 sticky foam sheets

  • foam pad

  • 2 plastic connectors

  • 12 screws

  • hex key

  • 3 plastic nuts

  • Maker's Guide

Topics explored

  1. Electronics

  2. Stereo sound

  3. Electricity + magnetism

Additional details

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

You'll build an awesome pair of headphones yourself, but you'll also be an audio engineer and experiment with amazing stereo-sound illusions.

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Headband designs


Headphone cups tested


Audio clips we included online



55 reviews

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    My daughter LOVES being able to bring these headphones to school and say she made them. She always surprises her teachers when they actually work!



    My daughter followed all the instructions perfectly. She loved the snarked about sacrificing a headphone set for her to create her own!



    I was thinking of ending my subscription when my son turned 18, but this kit changed both of our minds! Now I’m ordering another kit for myself! Standard headphones are usually too tight. This is very comfortable, it’s cool looking, and the sound is impressive! We may never end our subscription! Way to go Kiwi employees!!! ?????Keep it up!!!

    Berkeley's mom


    My 8yo loved this project. She has used them every day since she made them. My husband helped with the instructions but I think she would have figured it out alone too.



    My grandson, who's 10, loved the headphones!



    amazing project. could've used a higher quality speaker.

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