Robot Coder Starter Kit


Discover robots and coding through hands-on play! Build your very own robot BFF, help a hungry robot rabbit collect carrots for dinner, and develop STEM skills that real robot coders use. Learn about the different jobs robots can do and practice puzzle-solving and coding concepts — no screen required!

Why it’s awesome

  1. learn hands on coding

    Hands-on coding

    Learn how to use code to talk to your robot buddies!

  2. Meet Jasmine - a real engineer featured in our guide

    Discover new careers

    Meet a robot engineer and explore what they do on the job.

  3. robotics poster

    Radical robots

    Discover different types of robots and what they do!

What’s included?

  • wood set (9 pcs)

  • hardware set (10 pcs)

  • sticker sheet

  • sticky wood sheet

  • 2 sticky foam sheets

  • pipe cleaner

  • 24 puzzle pieces

  • 18 track pieces

  • rabbot set (5 pcs)

  • 3 felt carrots

  • carrot pusher

  • checkered box

  • 2 signs

  • coding card set (29 pcs)

  • poster

  • 2 illustrated instruction booklets

  • folder of robot coding information

Topics explored

  1. Robotics

  2. Coding concepts

  3. STEM professions

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

At first, we designed Rabbot to pick up pom-poms. Our kid testers thought that it would be way more fun to collect carrots — so we swapped the pom-poms for a bunch of tiny bunny snacks for Rabbot to push all the way home.

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Bot Buddy linkage designs tested


Number of puzzle cards you can solve with Rabbot


Puzzle paths tested

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