Set up a KiwiCo group fundraiser

Getting KiwiCo crates for groups and classrooms is now easier than ever! Simply set up a group fundraiser and invite your community to chip in.

Here’s how it works:

Illustration of a numbered checklist.

Set up your group fundraiser

Let us know what you are trying to accomplish

Illustration of three children celebrating behind three KiwiCo crates.

Invite your community to contribute

Share a link to collect contributions towards your goal to people in your community

Illustration of a green gift box.

Receive your KiwiCo gift card

Collected funds will automatically convert into a gift card that can be used on

All the crates are creative and amazingly designed. As a teacher I love that I can just pull them out and teach. No prep work!

- Rachel N


What happens if my fundraiser doesn't meet the goal by the end of the contribution window?

What happens once the goal is met?

What happens if my group contributes more than the original goal?

Do I have to pay anything to set up this fundraiser?

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