Civil Engineer Starter Kit


Raise the roof with this civil engineer starter kit! Build a bridge that’s held together with just friction and gravity. Construct a tall tower strengthened with reinforcements, then wire up a “shake table” to put your builds to the test! Learn about the technology behind construction, and explore STEM in a brand new way.

Why it’s awesome

  1. Build, test, repeat

    Test out different shapes and structures to see what’s strongest.

  2. Shake things up

    Wire up a motor to make a mechanical shake table.

  3. Earthquake engineering

    Discover amazing buildings that are built to take a quake.

What’s included?

  • bridge set (20 pcs)

  • tower base

  • shake table set (2 pcs)

  • damper set (4 pcs)

  • sticky foam sheet

  • 6 rubber bands

  • 4 chenille stems

  • battery pack with AA alkaline battery

  • 8 zip ties

  • motor

  • disk

  • 7 washers

  • straw and connector building set

  • poster

  • 3 illustrated instruction booklets

  • folder of civil engineer information

Topics explored

  1. Earthquake engineering

  2. Iterative design

  3. STEM professions

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Civil engineers are always working to build bigger and better structures. So we took an existing shake table project we had in our back pocket and made it bigger and better too! With this extra activity, kids get an even deeper dive into the wonderful world of engineering!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Civil engineers consulted


Building connector shapes prototyped


Structures that collapsed during earthquake testing



4 reviews



    KiwiCo does it again! Celebrating a civil engineers birthday in this house, our kids gifted their dad this crate. They were so excited to see and create what their dad does for a living. Great quality and easy to understand! The books help facilitate everyone to dive in deeper! We absolutely love KiwiCo



    My grandson loved it



    A perfect level for my five year old - something he could do on his own, and things he needed help with. He was fascinated and really loved it. And he keeps coming back to it, day after day.



    Loved how it was designed to encourage exploration of various structural designs. My 8 &10 year olds loved it.

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